Our Vision

Better education with livelihood opportunities and healthy well being of rural and urban lower income groups of India to break the cycle of poverty and become a Changemaker.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, educate and equip youngsters & women from rural and urban slum lower income group to break the cycle of poverty and become Change Maker by discovering a passion for computing skills, technology, science and engineering along with care for nature to pursue 21st century opportunities and challenges. Through hands-on learning, using the methodology of STEAM ( Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Mathematics), design thinking and leadership skills which empower the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Our Values

Human Centric






Our Approach

Gyanodaya Foundation believes that investing in the holistic education focusing on skill development, life skills, caring for nature and ecosystem along with health care facilities is essential to build thriving rural and urban lower income communities. This empowers them to become independent and a Change Maker in their own right to create sustainable improvements in their community.

We believe in the powerful combination of people╩╝s potential and energy mixed with the knowledge and wisdom on issues of sustainable development. Our engagement follow the pedagogy of intensive interaction with the citizens (especially youth, children and women) and the government to involve them in the process of Change through Campaigns, Events and Programs.

Our Team

Dr. Radha Raman Lal (Secretary)

Dr. Lal is a retired professor who is an advocate of education, empowerment, environment, gender equality and health care outreach for the urban and rural lower income groups. He lead camps for kids education using digital and non-formal methodology, tree plantation, cataract eye surgery in rural and urban parts of India.

Dr. Shweta Ranjan (Chairperson)

Dr. Shweta is an eye surgeon who has been serving the base of pyramid of our society in different parts of India. She believes in economic empowerment and kids education.

Rajiv Ranjan (Treasurer)

Mr. Rajiv is a qualified MBA who brings the best value to the resources by partnering and undertaking the different programs suitable towards the mission statement of the organization.

Nawneet Ranjan (Founder)

Founder & Project Director, Slum & Rural Innovation Project